• Revolutionary Integration Group Inc.

    Artificial Intelligence validated trust
    We are the best in-market “trust first” AI integrator

  • Do you trust your technology?

    RIG Inc is founded upon AI validated trust for devices, systems and networks.
    Our proprietary solutions make technology trusted,
    more secure, usable, interoperable and reliable.

RIG is the premier Artificial Intelligence (AI) trusted integration solution provider.

With our AI validated trust solution new capabilities, communications, enhanced computation and interfaces can be realized. Our products provide customers with new success in navigating the global demand of the growing AI market. RIG products are designed to seamlessly join with other AI systems to form a trusted and integrated network.

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The roll-out of artificial intelligence is guaranteed to be a world changing event. RIG enables your product to join the world of AI products, to become a capability multiplier. Our team will empower your team to develop designs which to meet the challenges of this approaching wave.

We enable your products to safely join others

With RIG’s proprietary approach, your systems seamlessly joins with other AI products to form a true System-of-Systems. Each AI system brings its own unique life history, capabilities, command and control, data collection and interface, mechanical interfaces and SWAPc requirements.