By: Twinkle Inamdar RIG Inc Intern Researcher

Artificial intelligence is impacting the way in which enterprises engage with consumers. AI is no longer science fiction and is  being adopted by public and private organizations globally. For instance, researchers are leveraging AI to make treatments for cancer more bearable, AI is being used by financial services companies to detect fraud and enhance customer experience, by manufacturers to streamline supply chain, & predictive maintenance, and retailers to provide personalized shopping experiences.

This blog leverages the importance of Robotics using Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are a powerful combination for automating tasks inside and outside of the factory setting. In recent years, AI has become an increasingly common presence in robotic solutions, introducing flexibility and learning capabilities in previously rigid applications. Robots are becoming more common in our homes and workplaces and this looks set to continue. Many robots will have to interact with humans in unpredictable situations. For example, self-driving cars need to keep their occupants safe, while protecting the car from damage, robots caring for the elderly will need to adapt to complex situations and respond to their owners’ needs.


Most Frequently Used AI Technologies

Artificial Intelligence encompasses multiple technologies such as Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, robotics, virtual assistants and more.

According to an IDC report, 75% of developers will include AI functionality in business applications or services by 2018. Another report from Gartner says by 2020, organizations using Cognitive Systems in AI Projects will achieve long-term success four times more than others. (Johnson B, 2018, August 30)

Today, different AI technologies are finding places in various industries. For instance, Banking and Financial Services companies are using chatbots or virtual assistants to help customers with routine tasks like scheduling payments and automating most frequently asked questions. Predictive Analytics is being used to reduce the risk of loan defaulters and applying machine learning to identify patterns of transactions that might indicate fraudulent activity.

The below infographic gives insights about most frequently used AI technologies today.

How Artificial Intelligence is used in Robotics?

Robots were the first-known automated type machines people were introduced to. There was a time when robots were developed for performing specific tasks, without any artificial intelligence (AI). They were able to perform only repetitive functions, but now the scenarios are different, AI is getting integrated into robots to develop the advanced level of robotics that can perform multiple tasks, and also learn with a better perception of the environment.

AI in robotics helps robots perform crucial tasks with a human-like vision to detect or recognize the various objects.

Nowadays, robots are developed through machine learning training. A huge number of datasets are used to train the computer vision model, so that robotics can recognize the various objects and carry out the actions accordingly. With more quality and precise machine learning processes, robotics performance is improving. Until recently, the bulk of artificial intelligence research was focused on individual agents; for example a single car that navigates streets on its own or a thermostat that learns from its immediate environment.

The AI in robotics not only helps it to learn the model to perform certain tasks but also makes machines more intelligent to be able to act in different scenarios. There are various functions integrated into robots like computer vision, motion control, grasping objects, and training data to understand physical and logistical data patterns and act accordingly. To further understand the scenarios or recognize the various objects, labeled training data is used to train the AI model through machine learning algorithms.



AI in robotics makes machines more efficient by providing them with self-learning abilities to recognize the new objects. However, currently, robotics is being used in various fields to perform specific actions better than humans, with the desired accuracy at higher efficiency.  We will now discuss the applications of AI robotics in various fields with types of training data used to train such AI models.


The real-life application of Al robots:

  1. AI consulting services have succeeded in building robots. They are being used in the industrial sector to handle the preparation of raw materials. They are also being used to control, cut, weld, color, drill, polish, and more! With the addition of artificial intelligence, the execution is more precise, accurate, and enhanced.
  2. The medical community has seen some pioneering new technology with the assistance of AI chatbots. New and improved machinery with the advantages of both artificial intelligence and robotics are being made. This helps to carry out clinical tests and much more.
  3. Al robots are the reason behind all of our contemporary achievements in the department of space exploration and any future developments that are under pursuit. Al robots are also being sent to different parts of the universe, different corners of space that men may never reach.
  4. Exploration campaigns in different parts of the world, rock climbing, traveling. Such endeavors have seen trail-blazing results with the application of AI services.


How can RIG improve the performance of Robotics?

When it comes to applying business technologies, Revolutionary Integration Group Inc.’s Dynamic Trust comes highly useful. Along with AI, this service will assist businesses in improving robotics in places where they lack expertise, as well as securing data for potential results. To learn more about RIG Inc and its products please visit



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