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By: Poornima Muralidharan RIG Inc Intern Researcher INTRODUCTION Industry 4.0 or in other terms the Fourth Industrial Revolution has become the driving factor for everything that is functioning in today’s world. As we all know, the industrial transformation or revolution … Read More


By: Shraddha Gopalakrishnan  and Preetish Limaye RIG Cooperative Researchers For many years, Virtual Prototyping (VP) has been a transformative topic of discussion in technology. The basic idea of VP involves a digital model of mechanical hardware, a circuit board and … Read More

The Rise of the Multi-Sided Platform (MSP)

By: Vaibhav Mishra RIG Intern Researcher   Dynamic Trust™ offered by RIG is an ideal product to be delivered via a platform as a service. Thus, if you feel safety in cyberspace is necessary, get in-line as RIG is about … Read More

Recommendation Systems and Their Usage

By: Sindhu Ramaswamy and Shreenidhi Tarte RIG Cooperative Researchers   WHAT ARE RECOMMENDATION SYSTEMS AND DT-AI? We are living in an Era where social media and e-commerce play a pivotal role in the lives of common man. The rise of YouTube, … Read More

Dynamic Trust (DT) – A Valued Trust Differentiator for MDM and EMM

By: Shane Woodruff RIG Intern Researcher   Mobile device management is an important and vital step in the security and management process of mobile devices across a companies’ networks. Despite the heavy investments in mobile device management and enterprise mobility … Read More

A Quick Narrative on AI & Intent-based Networking

By: Shraddha Gopalakrishnan RIG Cooperative Researcher                                 Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranged branch of computer science designed to make computers intelligent so that they can act intelligently! AI is meant to be the next industrial revolution because of the … Read More

Dynamic Trust ™ in Healthcare Making AI Work

By: Lyzanne Dsouza RIG Intern Researcher   Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare Better health is the key to human happiness and well-being. It also contributes to the economic progress and growth of the country as healthy populations live longer, are more productive, and save … Read More