Quantum powering AI

By: Enoch Wang, RIG Intern Researcher     The advent of the quantum age is here. We live on the forefront of an era where daily new discoveries are made using the unique properties that Einstein himself could not explain. … Read More

Last-Mile Logistics Blog

By: Shraddha Gopalakrishnan, Irma Dervisevic, Jie Hu, RIG Intern Researchers   In this omnichannel world, it is critical to provide customers with what they want, when they want it, and deliver it to where they want it. These are necessary expectations to … Read More

The Future of AI and VR in the Automobile Industry

By: Pooja Bais, RIG Intern Researcher   Do you get recommendations once you do a Google Search to buy something and there are ads about the same on the apps you use like Instagram or YouTube? AI is working in … Read More

Future of AI in Healthcare

By: Vaibhavi Sahne RIG Intern Project Researcher     Figure 2: Future of AI in healthcare Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a 65-year-old technology, which is a combination of a set of sciences, theories and techniques that also includes, statistics, computational neurobiology, … Read More

Encryption for Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Written by an RIG Intern Researcher     Introduction The development of computer technology and the rapid rise of artificial intelligence, machine learning has become the most commonly used technology in many fields such as banking, e-commerce, spam recognition, and … Read More

Artificial Intelligence and SaaS

By: Jingyi Li  RIG Intern Researcher   1. Why is artificial intelligence and SaaS related? Artificial intelligence enriches the characteristics of cloud computing services and makes them more consistent with the needs of specific business scenarios. Using NetEase as an … Read More

Complex networks and Dynamic Trust

By: Zhuohan Zhang, RIG Inc Intern Researcher   Since 2020, Covid_19 has negatively impacted our daily life. The coronavirus disease pandemic took many people’s lives and seriously affected various countries’ economic and social development. To prevent such a disease, we … Read More

Applications of Connected-Car Data for Insurers

By: Ruika Liu a RIG Inc Intern Researcher     Introduction The idea of connected-car is rapidly gaining momentum. Insurers worldwide are engaging in building new capabilities for flexible, next-generation insurance products based on connected car datasets. By accessing this … Read More

AI for Public Health and Safety during Covid-19

By: Parth Rajput, RIG Inc Researcher   Over the last year and a half, Covid has changed the way people interact with one another. While interpersonal communication over digital platforms is on the rise, we can expect that activites will … Read More

AI for Continuous and Remote Monitoring

By: Alan Robin Wesley, RIG Intern Researcher In a previous blog post we had examined how continuous and remote monitoring has evolved in smart home technology. We analyzed how technology, paired with AI could help save money and notify us … Read More