A.I. Traffic Control: How Artificial Intelligence Can Revolutionize Air Travel

By: Aditya Tangirala RIG Intern Researcher After a long artificial-intelligence winter and spring is finally here. New applications of artificial intelligence have been sprouting for the past several years, and business interest in harnessing AI and machine learning in various … Read More

Sports – AI & DT

By: Manas Pawar and Sri Lekhya Mikkilineni RIG Inc Intern Researchers   Artificial intelligence is essentially enabling a computer to think like a human. AI can be used in various fields such as sports or retail. A few years ago, one … Read More

What Are Deepfakes and What Are The Risks?

By: Xi He RIG Inc Intern Researcher   In 2020, researchers from Google released an experimental platform to help fact-checkers detect fake images. AI-generated fake news, videos and images are becoming more common and more concerns are arising around the … Read More

Artificial Intelligence: Empowering Robotics

By: Twinkle Inamdar RIG Inc Intern Researcher Artificial intelligence is impacting the way in which enterprises engage with consumers. AI is no longer science fiction and is  being adopted by public and private organizations globally. For instance, researchers are leveraging … Read More

Validation for HL7 Integration Using Functional Validation between source and destination systems

By: Jing Wen, Manasi Shrotri and Sharma VNL RIG Intern Researchers Introduction Electronic Health Record (EHR) System Healthcare electronic health record systems can be seen as a highly dynamic dataset containing important personal information. Various patient’s health and personal information … Read More

ED AI – Applications Infinite

By: Zaid Shaikh RIG Inc Intern Researcher Applications of AI in the future have received an equal share of criticism and support from researchers, tycoons and tech giants across the globe. But one of the AI researchers and MIT Physicist … Read More

Artificial Intelligence in Food & Beverage Markets

By: Sri Lekhya Mikkilineni RIG Inc Intern Researcher   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are expected to transform the entire world step by step. Their demand is burgeoning, and they hope to help businesses by making them cost-effective, helping with … Read More

Reaching Empowerment through Artificial Intelligence

By: Surya Teja Devaki   We’ve discovered that our universe is vastly grander than our ancestors imagined and that life seems to be an almost imperceptibly small perturbation on an otherwise dead universe. We’ve also discovered something inspiring, which is that the … Read More

Big Data & Music Industry

By: Shraddha Gopalakrishnan   Exponential growth of technology has brought about a new industry called “Database Marketing.” This type of industry collects, aggregates and brokers personal data and information. Data brokers represent this wave of change that primarily deals with how … Read More

QuickChat RIG

By: Poornima Muralidharan RIG Inc Intern Researcher INTRODUCTION Industry 4.0 or in other terms the Fourth Industrial Revolution has become the driving factor for everything that is functioning in today’s world. As we all know, the industrial transformation or revolution … Read More