AI for Public Health and Safety during Covid-19

By: Parth Rajput, RIG Inc Researcher   Over the last year and a half, Covid has changed the way people interact with one another. While interpersonal communication over digital platforms is on the rise, we can expect that activites will … Read More

AI for Continuous and Remote Monitoring

By: Alan Robin Wesley, RIG Intern Researcher In a previous blog post we had examined how continuous and remote monitoring has evolved in smart home technology. We analyzed how technology, paired with AI could help save money and notify us … Read More

AI in Event Industry

By: Xintong Zhu, RIG Inc Fall Intern Researcher   Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the science and engineering of intelligent machines powered by brilliant computer programs. It is a field, which combines computer science and robust datasets to enable problem-solving, and … Read More

AI for Continuous and Remote Monitoring Part 1

By: Alan Robin Wesley, RIG Inc Intern Researcher   The growing use of AI in homes has made our lives easier, starting from turning the porch lights on/off, setting the thermostat to the most energy efficient setting, to even remotely … Read More

GNN: A Powerful Tool in Network Modeling and Learning

By: Haoxian Chen, RIG Inc. Intern Researcher     A graph is a kind of data structure that comprises nodes and edges, where a node represents an object (e.g., user, molecule, etc.), and an edge refers to the relationship between … Read More

Emergence of AI in Staves and Sonatas

By: Linda Mao RIG Inc Intern Researcher Figure 1 Piano Staves The emergence of advanced technology and artificial intelligence has made our lives easier and more productive. Virtual assistants, like Apple’s Siri, can easily accomplish tasks from setting up an … Read More

AI and Environmental Sustainability

By: Sonya Noria RIG Intern Researcher AI has made significant advances in improving environmentally sustainable practices in recent years. The recent improvements in technology have carved an easier pathway to implementing these sustainable activities. To define, sustainable AI is a … Read More

Impacts of AI on Health Care

By: Brian Kradjel RIG Intern Researcher   Artificial Intelligence and Patient Care Artificial intelligence and SaaS technology have made immeasurable impacts on the healthcare industry. The healthcare industry has long been unreceptive to technological change, but in the past several … Read More

AI in Identity Verification

By Haydar Emin Evren RIG Inc Intern Researcher ID verification is required by a wide range of businesses and organizations, whether for signature verification or facial recognition. Detecting fraud is difficult, and in some situations, the repercussions of overlooking a … Read More

IoMT: Transforming the Healthcare Industry

By Valentina Gonzalez Bohorquez RIG Inc Intern Researcher Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies have become a global phenomenon. Research has demonstrated significant growth in digital health, as AI can assist healthcare providers, patients, and staff in many different ways. Clinical teams are … Read More