Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging: Ethics and Biases

By: Nihal Dolunay; RIG Inc. Research Intern Introduction: AI in Healthcare AI technologies have been making positive contributions in almost every field of human societies by providing sophisticated decision and prediction mechanisms based on advanced analysis of big data. Although … Read More

Managing Nutrients in Soil Using Machine Learning Models

By: Pratik Patil; RIG Inc. Research Intern Overview Agriculture has been important to human survival for more than 7,000 years. Our understanding of plant biology, soil chemistry, and the slow degradation of soil quality due to repetitive cultivation has increased … Read More

Future of REST API Calls in React / React Native

By: Peter Zhang; RIG Inc. Research Intern What is an API?   In a common web or mobile app, API calls are one of the essential components that establish links to databases and other important resources. It is a must-have … Read More

Revolutionizing Healthcare through Artificial Intelligence

By: Rejoy Dias and Surbhi Hooda; RIG Inc. Intern Researchers AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Healthcare: What’s Next?   Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is transforming the industry by lending a hand with applications in medical diagnosis, early detection, drug development, … Read More

Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning in Gaming

By: Chirag Dalvi; RIG Inc. Intern Researcher What is Reinforcement Learning? Machine learning models are trained through reinforcement learning to make a series of judgments. The agent gains the ability to do a task in a potentially complicated and uncertain … Read More

Biometrics and AI Authentication Systems

By: Yashasvi Baweja; RIG Inc. Intern Researcher Biometrics is defined as the 1 “Biological measurements — or physical characteristics — that can be used to identify individuals”. It is currently an active field of research, but its concepts have been … Read More

Facial Recognition: The History and Components

By: Varun Kumar; RIG Inc. Intern Researcher To authenticate users through ID verification services, facial recognition systems are often used to match a human face from a digital image or video frame against a database of faces. These systems operate … Read More

An Introduction to Face Verification in Deep Learning

By: Harshit Pathak; RIG Inc. Intern Researcher Face Verification is a technique to verify if the face of a person matches that to the face of the person, he/she claims to be. What is the difference between Face Verification and … Read More

Artificial Intelligence: The Future of Elderly Care

By: Nikhitha Rajam; RIG Inc. Intern Researcher The future of healthcare is currently undergoing significant influence through the application of artificial intelligence technologies. In fact, it appears inevitable that we will eventually enter the age of the AI doctor. Age … Read More

An Overview of Cooperative, Competitive and Mixed Settings for Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

By: Gayatri Ranade, RIG Inc. Intern Researcher Consider a situation where you are working on building an autonomous vehicle which must learn how to park itself in the best available spot in a parking lot. Initially, while ‘training’ the car … Read More