Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence : Made for Each Other ?

By: Siddharth Sharma, RIG Inc Intern Researcher   Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain are two developing technologies that are at the forefront of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Both technologies will, as expected, add trillions of dollars to the world economy, … Read More

AI Facial Recognition and Its Bias

By: Rahul Shinde, RIG Intern Researcher   Until the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the methods of user verification for conventional and digital operations were manual. In the future, biometrics will be widely used to overcome these issues. An identification process occurs … Read More

Optimizing Mechanical Ventilation Using Reinforcement Learning

By: Nirmayee Vilekar, RIG Inc Intern Researcher Ever wonder how the ventilators in ICUs are managed? It requires physicians, nurses, and respiratory therapists to continuously monitor an admitted patient’s health to manage the ventilators. The airflow, pressure and oxygen content need … Read More

AI in Grammatical Error Correction

By: Huifang Ye, RIG Intern Researcher     The prevalence of Grammatical Error Correction Tools If you think of Grammarly as a spell checker, you may miss out on an extraordinary tech product. The reason why people attach so much importance … Read More


By: Vaibhavi Sahane, RIG Intern Researcher INTRODUCTION One of the most promising areas of health innovation is the application of artificial intelligence (AI), primarily in medical imaging. AI is the essential boosting power of processing massive numbers of medical images … Read More

AI for Image Recognition

By: Daksh Alpesh Shah, RIG Intern Research Fig 1. Image Recognition   We as humans can easily differentiate between places, objects, and other living beings from images. This is because our brains have been trained with the same set of images … Read More

Dithering in Recommendation Systems

By: Aboli Rawanhate, RIG Inc Intern Researcher   After watching a movie on Netflix, do you ever use the suggestions Netflix recommends for you to watch next? Likewise, if we buy a phone on Amazon, an offer may appear: “other … Read More

Human-Centered Explainable AI

By: Abhilash Rajaram, RIG Intern Researcher   Our lives are increasingly mediated by algorithms of Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems. The scope of these AI systems has reached significant and safety-critical domains such as healthcare, finance, automated driving and so on. … Read More

Quantum powering AI

By: Enoch Wang, RIG Intern Researcher     The advent of the quantum age is here. We live on the forefront of an era where daily new discoveries are made using the unique properties that Einstein himself could not explain. … Read More

Last-Mile Logistics Blog

By: Shraddha Gopalakrishnan, Irma Dervisevic, Jie Hu, RIG Intern Researchers   In this omnichannel world, it is critical to provide customers with what they want, when they want it, and deliver it to where they want it. These are necessary expectations to … Read More