By: Shane Woodruff RIG Intern Researcher


Mobile device management is an important and vital step in the security and management process of mobile devices across a companies’ networks. Despite the heavy investments in mobile device management and enterprise mobility management a significant number of data breaches and information loss comes from lost or stolen company devices. According to study by the Ponemon Institute, 39% of respondents reported that their organizations had sustained a data security breach because of lost or stolen equipment [1].

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely changed the landscape of the average worker in North America and abroad. Now more than ever companies are working remotely and are experiencing a greater need for mobile device management (MDM) and enterprise mobility management (EMM). Moreover, IBM has predicted that the global workforce will include 1.87 billion mobile workers by 2022. All these factors have surged the demand for effective mobile device management software for corporate use [2]. While the demand for mobile device management is soaring, there has been a stall in advancements and new features that could provide companies with a better data management system. Instead of using the traditional company device hierarchy layout, which does little to understand who is behind the screen of a mobile device or whether that device itself can be trusted Dynamic Trust™(DT) is the ideal solution.

Dynamic Trust™(DT) in MDM

Now more than ever it is paramount that companies take the time to understand the meaning of trust and how it can benefit their mobile device management systems. Dynamic Trust™(DT), is an innovative software solution that continuously evaluates and controls the “trust level” between mobile “Agents” within a heterogeneous multi-agent network. For example, by building a trust model around employee biometrics, geolocation, and IP address you will not only be able to ensure the end-user of the information is trusted but that it is actually the person you want to receive this information. This feature has huge implications for both third parties that are receiving your information or if the information is being passed on internally within your business. You can ensure it is going to the person with valid credentials and the individual or group you are sending it to can be “trusted” and verified as the correct receiver.


Dynamic Trust™(DT) can offer companies a novel solution to managing mobile devices and understanding that their data is going to trusted applications and individuals. Dynamic Trust™(DT) is a blend of COTS (Custom Off the Shelf) software powered by AI that works continuously to verify and ensure that all agents and devices within a heterogeneous multi-agent networks are working together. While simultaneously evaluating the trust levels of one another using biometrics, IP addresses, and geolocation. This ensures that the device and physical end-user can both be verified and trusted. Now more than ever it is paramount for corporations to take more action on securing their devices in a world that is transitioning towards the mobile worker.