By: Jesse Woodruff, RIG Intern Researcher

As we grow more technologically advanced, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has begun to be a part of our everyday life. The acceptance of AI is also true for the agriculture industry, where we currently see an increase in technology adoption that supports precision agriculture. This technology provides information to make critical decisions. These decisions impact cost, profit, machinery availability, and farmers livelihoods. To make accurate decisions the modern farmer needs to develop a trusted relationship with the information the AI ecosystem is providing to them.

Revolutionary Integration Group Inc. (RIG) offers a variety of technological solutions focused around Dynamic Trust™ to not only help you trust the information provided to you in support of critical decisions, but answer why something is going wrong. Further, with a tight nit IOT integration, your system potentially can let you know before a failure occurs. Our systems have the potential to be integrated (quickly) into multiple products, including machinery, sensors, and other gateways while addressing all critical subsystems across the farm. RIG’s products provide the potential to quickly partner with companies so they can roll out AI trust systems to all their current farmers and customers.

With RIG’s seamless integration processes powered by Dynamic Trust™, you now have the ability to monitor and view all individual systems on your farm and obtain a level of trust for them that reduces non-productive time and highlights the benefits of ‘precision agriculture.’ While many large farmers already have self-running farms, this provides them with a way to verify the credentials of individual systems over time to see if they are not only working properly, but more importantly, they work optimally. Dynamic Trust technology sheds new light on the agriculture industry and will provide a high level of optimization and knowledge about all systems and current farm issues. So, stop guessing and get to knowing by trusting in your AI.

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