Dynamic Trust


Enhanced with Artificial Intelligence (AI), our proprietary and COTS blended solutions are enabled to provide prevention, management, and mitigation to defend against malicious behavior across all of our products. NIMBUS the private integration cloud (PIC), enables an independent distributed heterogeneous multi-agent network in which trust between Agents is critical.  Dynamic Trust safeguards this trust by tracking the Agent status beginning at the time of joining the network, until disjoining.

This ensures that sensitive information remains secure for the agent and the NIMBUS cloud. Trust levels are established and controlled based on usage history and intended data. Evaluation of trust levels occurs when an Agents first join NIMBUS.

Dynamic Trust level will be escalated or de-escalated based on the Agent conditions.  Dynamic Trust incorporates five levels of trust; each level described below is additive from the prior:

Dynamic Trust can be customized to support third-party product families. RIG offers third-party integration and customization services.