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Our internship and Cooperative programs provide challenging and fast-paced projects in the areas of:

Technology R&D, business strategy, marketing, communications, and prototype demonstrations for both undergrad and graduate students.

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RIG internship’s advantages and benefits:


Direct involvement with a rapidly growing technology start-up business in Artificial Intelligence validated trust


Open transparency and correspondence with senior management and the engineering team


We bolster student’s professional network’s through experiences that realize long-term success


Immersed in challenging roles, students collaborate with a diverse and passionate team of talented engineers and subject matter experts

RIG Inc. University Network

Intern Experience Statements

Summer 2022

“In the course of my summer 2022 internship at Revolutionary Integration
Group (RIG) as Data Analytics/ Data Science intern, I got an opportunity to learn under the
supervision of my mentors. They mentored me throughout my internship tenure at RIG. I learned
a lot about working with large datasets and learned about how data is being 
used to carry out executive level consequential business decisions to achieve short 
as well as long term objectives while delivering the business solutions to clients. 
Thus, I became adept at the data analysis skills and most importantly its 
execution in real-world business projects. This experience helps me a lot in my career.
This internship really adds value to my resume.”

Nikhitha Rajam

“My 12-week internship at Revolutionary Integration Inc. has been
extremely motivating, and the team has given me the opportunity to explore new technologies
effectively. This includes excellent team mentoring and the use of Python to construct a full
stack application.”

Tejaswini Oruganti

“My experience as a front-end intern was great. Not only can I do some hands-on
work with the most recent technologies, but I can also reach out to great people who assist me
when encountering problems developing software. I’ve gained better problem-solving skills and
trained better as a full-stack developer.”

Peter Zhang

“I worked in the Venue Trust project of RIG’s internship program. This program
encourages team cooperation and gives us high flexibility to explore what we want to learn and
implement. During the internship, I improved my problem-solving skill and gain knowledge of
facial verification. I am grateful to the help and support of our mentors and this great internship

Monica Zhou

“I started my first data science internship at RIG Inc was first step at the
professional data science world. Collaborating with my peers daily discussing project plan,
technical approach, preparing for monthly demos was challenging enough however our help was
always given to us by the leadership team and several industry leaders for our Vendor Trust
project. I upskilled my data science skills working on vendor trust data set, learned AWS thanks
to wonderfully curated technical session from Leo. My teamwork, presentation, research, and
other soft and analytical skills are all immediately enhanced by the experience. I can boast about
having had a great internship experience on my resume.”

Aryan Saini

“I had a fulfilling internship experience at RIG. I had a great time working with
my teammates and we learned a lot from each other. The leadership team also helped me a lot,
they always answered my questions with their own experience, especially Leo, he always gave
me a great answer on important questions and pointed me on the right path. This internship
experience gave me a better understanding of all aspects of program development and enriched
my practical experience. I am so grateful that this experience helped me grow a lot.”

Yingzhe Chen

“I am so grateful for the experience of RIG, which not only gives me the chance
to get in touch with the defraud detection issue in the real world, but also provides me the
opportunity to work with so many nice colleagues.”

Mengxuan Li

“Working as a Machine Learning Intern at RIG has helped me put my
academics and technical skills to the test and has helped me learn and apply more than I ever
could’ve imagined. RIG has been a wonderful place to work with ample project scope and an
amazing team of experts who’ve been supporting us every step of the way. I worked alongside a
team of 2 other ML interns in co-engineering an already mature project of RIG called TAT, a
document authentication system. Although we’ve had a good amount of knowledge in CNNs,
NLP, Image Classification, and Supervised Learning before, developing a knack to applying
them practically was crucial to the internship and RIG gave us the freedom and space to do
exactly that.”

Abhishek Pughazhendhi

“Being an intern was a unique experience where I was empowered, inspired, and
learned something new every day. From walking in on my first day until leaving 3 months later,
I gained so much knowledge and experience I didn’t know I would have before I started.
Throughout my internship, I was part of a data analytics team working on a health care project.
From the beginning, I was met with respect and understanding. I was treated as an employee, not
just an intern. If there was something I didn’t know, there was always someone to ask for help.
My mentors always supported in any kind of situation. I have been involved in numerous other
activities like presentations, writing blog related to artificial intelligence. These experiences were
challenging at times, but also allowed me to evolve and learn. My internship has taught me a lot
about my skill set and given me confidence in my own abilities. It has helped guide my career
aspirations and will help me in my future career choices. Thank you for this great opportunity.”

Malavika Loka

“I had an amazing time working as a Business Analyst at RIG Inc. for the
summer of 2022. Everyone I met at the firm, from interns to senior management was very
approachable, supportive, and passionate. I really appreciate Emily Scarcella for always being
helpful and empathetic in resolving the queries asap. I would also like to thank Emilia Jagura for
the smooth onboarding process and for providing guidance whenever required. It was a learning
experience to have Leo and Jay as my mentors. Insightful feedback during the stakeholder
meetings and constant guidance through weekly tag-ups significantly improved the progress and
outcomes of the project. Working with industry experts and the team members of the First Pass
Project also proved to be a highly worthwhile experience for me. I would conclude by saying
that this internship not only provided me opportunities to showcase my technical and analytical
skills but helped me become a better professional as well.”

Surbhi Hooda

Fall 2021

“My internship at RIG Inc was the most amazing and productive experience of my graduate study. I was extremely honored to get the opportunity to work as an intern for both the summer and fall terms. The unique attribute of RIG that stands out is the interns are assisted in expressing their individual ideas in a collaborative environment to tackle real world scenarios. The leadership team provided consistent guidance and support which helped to efficiently improve technical knowledge and strengthen my professional skills. I was fortunate enough to gain hands-on experience in different data domains like DBMS, Cloud Computing, Machine Learning and Cyber Security. I am truly grateful to RIG for providing me with a wonderful journey that immensely helped my career development.”

Abhilash Rajaram, University of Buffalo

“RIG provides a very great work environment that encourages team work and innovation. It was a great learning experience for me that helped me expand my horizon. They always ensured that I got the necessary resources to learn and achieve my goals providing valuable guidance and insights when needed.”

Parth Ketan Rajput, University of Buffalo

“It was a pleasure to work as Business Analyst Intern at RIG and contribute in building the base of a product. This journey helped me grow as a professional and learn how to deal with different situations. I would like to thank Jay, Bryan, Leo and Emilia for their constant support and guidance throughout the internship period. I would like to stay in touch with RIG and help in all ways possible for the development of the company. Thank you RIG for such an amazing opportunity.”

Pooja Bais, Northeastern University

“It is really great to be part of the connected car project. I learned a lot from understanding the project, understanding the function autonomous cars, and also understanding how to work as a team. I like working with the connected car project team and RIG. I hope we have a future chance of working together again.”

Jingyi Li, RPI

“Working at RIG requires creativity from the intern end. Projects are implementations of RIG’s Dynamic Trust model and must have overall applicability to systems such as NIMBUS.
To accomplish these things in a meaningful way requires critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a clear goal and shared vision with many of the experts who offer insight at the company.
There are extremely valuable opportunities to get to meet and obtain guidance from extremely experienced and accomplished individuals that few companies in the world can provide.”

Enoch Wang, University of New Haven

“I cherish this experience working at RIG very much. By applying my knowledge of artificial intelligence and information security to the NIMBUS project, I solved the problems of data leakage and insecurity that may occur in the training of machine learning models. I am very grateful to Leo, Emilia, Jay, and Bryan for their support and guidance throughout the process, which directly contributed to the success of this project.”

Gaoyuan Du, Johns Hopkins University

“I worked as a Business Analyst at RIG. Because the internship was remote, it provided me the flexibility to balance my schoolwork, internship, and personal life. I also collaborated with talented individuals from various universities and backgrounds. The project had a high level of autonomy, with mentoring from the management team, and each team was able to control their own pace throughout the project. The experience immediately improves my soft and analytic skills, such as teamwork, presentation, research skills, etc. It was a fantastic internship opportunity that I can brag about on my resume.”

Jie(Jay) Hu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“While doing a fall internship at RIG, I learned the importance of team work along with gaining experience in finding out a solution from a difficult situation using a creative approach. Also, I learned new technical skills after completing the healthcare project. I also got to know the significance of analytics and AI in the healthcare industry while researching for my blog topic”.

Vaibhavi Sahane, Stevens Institute of Technology

Summer 2021

“During my time as a business analytics intern, I researched the health tech industry to find opportunities for RIG to bring their proprietary software to the healthcare market. I worked alongside of company leadership and industry experts in order to do so. I gained valuable exposure to the technology and artificial intelligence sectors, as well as insights on building out a startup company. My experience was very positive and the guidance I received greatly influenced my growth.”

Brian Kradjel, University of Pennsylvania

“It was an honor for me to be offered an internship as a machine learning engineer at RIG. I really appreciated the collaborative environment and the fact that interns contribute to projects that have a life beyond the time of their internship duration and that they are passed on. It helped me grow as an individual while also providing me with a deeper and more thorough grasp of applications of Dynamic Trust and Artificial Intelligence. The constant guidance from Jay, Bryan, Leo, and Emilia contributed to the value of this experience most.”

Haydar Evren, Boston College

“I served as a data analytics intern this summer at RIG. From navigating through databases and papers to designing a mobile phone application, I truly had the full experience to deal with real-world data and scenarios. Everyone I met at the firm, including interns and senior management, were supportive, energetic, and passionate, and I am sincerely happy to take this wonderful journey with them.”

Linda Mao, Boston College

“I’d like to thank RIG for a wonderful summer internship experience. There was constant flexibility from Emilia, and it was wonderful to work with Bryan and Jay throughout the summer, creating a unique internship experience. I would highly recommend this experience because as interns we were able to contribute a start-up’s long term goals.”

Ivan Avramovic, Quinnipiac University

“Working as a Data Science summer intern at RIG was an amazing experience. I was able to enhance my coding skills and learn a great deal about application development. Furthermore, I received great support from the RIG Senior team and fellow colleagues. I was able to implement data analysis, as well as improve my project management skills. Thank you RIG for the opportunity!”

Valentina Gonzalez Bohorquez, Rutgers University

“My internship as an AI/ML processor with RIG has been the most rewarding and motivational experiences I ever had. Throughout my internship experience, I was able to develop my time management skills, coding skills on Python as well as writing skills. I would not have the knowledge or skills I have today if it were not for my internship experience with RIG, and I look forward to where my career in education takes me in the future!”

Richard Qiu, Quinnipiac University

“Working with RIG as a summer intern was one of the best experiences of my life. RIG emphasizes on considering real world problems and coming up with ideas to solve them analytically which eventually upgrades innovative skills. Weekly discussions and meetings not only enhanced professional skills but also boosted my self-confidence. I would like to thank RIG for giving me this wonderful opportunity.”

Kajal Singh, University of Buffalo

“I had the opportunity to work as an AI/ML software Intern at RIG this Summer. I would like to say it was an eventful experience, which involved working with students from different backgrounds who bring their own expertise to the table and working under the guidance of renowned professors from the field of Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity. The entire team of RIG has been very kind and helpful throughout the internship and made sure the interns were provided with everything they needed to achieve their goals. I am grateful to RIG for giving me this opportunity and I hope to stay in touch in the future!”

Shreyash Singh, University of Buffalo

“I also wanted to thank you for being an amazing project manager! This was my first internship and everyone at RIG has been nothing but kind and helpful, and I am very grateful for this opportunity.”

Sonya Noria, Rutgers University

“During this three month long internship at RIG, I have substantially improved my application software development techniques. My self-learning abilities became enhanced and I have also learned how to be efficient and to cooperate with others in application software development. My horizon has also been broadened as I was able to learn more machine learning algorithms and models. My problem solving skills have also been strengthened through discussions with teammates on how to solve problems that I could not directly find solutions for online. The atmosphere at RIG is really friendly and collaborative. I have felt both relaxed and motivated throughout my internship.”

Xintong Zu, NYU

“During this summer, I interned at Revolutionary Integration Group Inc. as a data science intern. It is my pleasure to have this opportunity to conduct my own project, applying what I have learned to solve real world problems and learning new technologies, such as dynamic trust models. Emilia, Jay, Bryan and Steve gave us a lot of help and they are great mentors. I really enjoyed this process and thanks again for this internship experience.”

Zhuohan Zhang, Columbia University

“I appreciate the opportunity from RIG for me to work as an AI/ML Software Intern this summer. The internship is both engineer-oriented and research-oriented, where we did research on state-of-the-art techniques and leveraged them to solve practical problems in model development. In addition to technical skills, I learned many soft skills under the guidance of the administrative team, such as project management, presentation skill, etc. Thanks again to the whole RIG team!”

Haoxian Chen, Columbia University

“I would like to thank RIG for providing this great opportunity this summer. It gave me hands-on experience in data analysis, machine learning models, and smartphone application design. I really appreciate the comments Jay and Bryan gave about my project. These insightful comments greatly improved my projects progress and results. Communication with industry experts and professors was a very valuable experience for me.”

Yizhe Li, Columbia University

Spring 2021

“The goal is not just to be Successful but Valuable as well”. With Revolutionary Integration Group Inc., I gained good insight in to how the AI industry works. It was fun collaborating with other interns from so many different Universities. The weekly tag-ups with Jay, Bryan & Nate from KnockMedia were encouraging and there was constant support in most of our ideations. My favorite was Fast-15’s with Emilia, as she kept a friendly environment that interested me in being proactive on project updates. I cannot believe how soon 8 months flew by as an RIG intern.

I knew an internship in a field relevant to my career will up my profile and I will end up having more value in the long run. Just like footprints in the sand, each step in our lives signifies the journey taken, and RIG is definitely and will always be one of the best steps I took so far. Thank you to the entire Team RIG for providing me a treasure trove of precious learnings that I will cherish growing in my AI career.

Shraddha Gopalakrishnan


“My internship at RIG allowed me to gain exposure to a global working environment. Working as a business analyst helped me gain a better view of my career path and provided a solid foundation for the future. The support and guidance offered by the advisory and leadership board have influenced my overall growth. Thank you for providing me with an incredible internship experience full of learning and development!”

Sri Lekhya Mikkilineni, Northeastern University


This past semester, I interned at Revolutionary Integration Group as a Data Science intern, developing a progressive web app that integrated the Dynamic Trust with real-world data. I learned a lot about the process of collecting, cleaning, and using data in a data-science context. I also was able to learn skills I will definitely apply in my future studies and career. Thanks for a fantastic semester!

Aditya Tangirala, University of Rochester


“It is my pleasure to get an internship opportunity as a machine learning engineer in RIG. Working with RIG this spring was amazing. I had a great chance to directly communicate with senior management and learned valuable networking experience. Moreover, I believe that this internship improved not only my research and presentation skills, but also problem solving and project management abilities.”

Jiarui Yang, Columbia University


“An experience to conduct your own project while learning new knowledge; An opportunity to fully explore your interest and future direction; An environment to devote yourself and raise your own perspectives.”

Jing Wen, Columbia University


“I’d like to take a minute to express my gratitude to the entire RIG team. I can confidently say I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have these past four months without your relentless encouragement and guidance. I’m so grateful for an opportunity to work on another side of the data domain which includes AWS, Cloud, Predictive Analytics, and Risk management analysis, etc. These approaches aided my development as a Data Science Intern by allowing me to enjoy and gain new ideas in the field of data. Thanks again for this incredible internship.”

Twinkle Inamdar, Northeastern University


“Working with RIG for the whole spring semester was a wonderful experience. I have always been thinking about building AI applications, but this internship gave me new aspect of thinking about trust in AI! Jay, Bryan and Emilia are great motivators and wonderful mentors. I feel grateful for giving me opportunity to work with RIG”

Manasi Shrotri, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


“I had a great experience with RIG as a machine learning/software engineering intern. During this internship at RIG, I not only researched the problems that I am interested in but also learned some professional suggestions provided by experts. I have learned useful knowledge outside the classroom from this internship, such as Dynamic Trust and multi-agents system. This internship also provided a chance for me to enhance my coding skills.”

Xi He, University of Pennsylvania


“I have worked as a Data Science Intern for Revolutionary Integration Group and collaborated with fellow students from diverse backgrounds. The experience is truly rewarding and refreshing. RIG gave me the opportunity to work and develop my skills and provided an encouraging and fast paced environment for me to develop solutions that can solve potential real-world problems.

I really appreciated the guidance from Jay, Bryan, and Emilia on managing the project and their valued feedback on the approach our team took for the project. The opportunity to work on multiple projects, provide reports to concerned stakeholders, post white papers on fascinating theories related to AI and gave me a professional experience and essential skills to thrive in AI Industry.”

Zaid Shaikh, Northeastern University

Fall 2020

“Exceeded expectations again – The Fall Intern Team certainly outdid themselves! With a talented group of interns from 7 universities/colleges, spanning numerous research innovation projects the students worked effectively and efficiently as an integrated team across business and technology domains. The fall program included: rapid prototyping of PwA (from concept to demo) with our Dynamic Trust IP for mobile device management and IoT ecosystems, AI/ML simulations and visualizations as well as comprehensive business analytics projects across multiple addressable markets. The drive and diligence of the students was highly impressive and integrating the business and technical projects formulated complete stories across the program. One standout project was the use of Dynamic Trust to help Medical Insurance companies decide the insurance plans they provide for clinics in their network based on the Doctor Clinic Effectiveness in a healthcare ecosystem – excellent work! RIG Inc is very pleased to be able to support and provide meaningful internship experiences virtually for these highly talented young professionals especially during this pandemic crisis and beyond. Spring team the bar has been set!”

Jay Modi, Bryan Holasek & Emilia Jagura


“ If you want flexibility, the opportunity to learn and responsibility on your shoulders, RIG is the place. I got an opportunity to intern with a wonderful and supportive team from RIG for the Fall of 2020. I worked on the operations side of the Business team and created a dynamic operations excel business model with the help of Jay and Bryan, it was really an educational spree. I am thankful for the whole experience.”

Vaibhav Mishra – Dartmouth University


“I am very grateful for the overall experience and opportunity at RIG as a Business Analytics Intern. The opportunities that RIG has given me to develop and grow has truly benefited me, personally and professionally. Working with the RIG team was such an enjoyable experience and the knowledge that I gained will provide valuable insight into my next job. The continuous guidance by the mentors and founders enabled my journey to be easy and knowledgeable. ”

Shreenidhi Tarte – Northeastern University


“I’d like to thank the complete team at RIG for giving me the opportunity to become involved in the intern program and also for guiding me through my first industry internship. Working with the business team I learned a lot and it surely has benefited me personally as I aspire to become a business analyst. It has been a big step for me starting my career, laying a great foundation for a dream I plan to fulfill.”

Manas Anil Pawar (Northeastern University, Boston)


“I would like to thank RIG Inc. for giving me the opportunity to work as an AI/ML Software Engineer – Fall intern and undertake projects that helped me grow as an individual and gain a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Dynamic Trust and Artificial Intelligence. The constant mentorship and support of the leadership team helped make this experience valuable.”

Lyzanne Dsouza – WPI


“RIG Inc. provided me with a great opportunity to learn more about the business side of IoT, Dynamic Trust, heavy machinery, and how they interact. The program also exposed me to many industry leaders and advisors that provided unique business insights that only a company like RIG could provide. I would like to thank the management for providing an awesome program and especially for the way employees go out of their way to meet personally with you here. Thanks again to the whole RIG team for providing a great internship experience.”

Jesse Woodruff – Georgia Institute of Technology


“This past semester I had the pleasure of interning with Revolutionary Integration Group Inc. on the business model team. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and was able to learn new skills I will carry throughout my career. The internship was highly flexible, and I received first-class mentorship from Jay and Bryan. Thanks for an awesome semester!”

Shane Woodruff – Georgia Institute of Technology


“I am proud to be an AI/ ML engineering intern at RIG. The leaders and advisors from RIG provided me with valuable experience and suggestions. I am grateful that they helped me tackle a lot of problems in my project. Again, I appreciate it and may our paths cross again in the future.”

Kevin Yiu-Wah Cheung – University of Pennsylvania


“I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to complete my internship at Revolutionary Integration Group Inc., as a Data Analyst Intern. My time spent at Revolutionary Integration Group Inc. as an intern was a great experience. RIG gave me the opportunity to work on the IoT and the MDM projects, I had the chance to observe numerous aspects of MDM and IoT technologies, from researching about the projects, to drafting the functionality, to creating the user interface on the app for the mobile device. You and your team were extremely welcoming and helpful, and offered me terrific career advice. I can confidently say I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have these past four months without your constant feedback, guidance, and support.”

Suvarna Tambe – Northeastern University


“This internship was valuable in the sense that it really does give you an insight on this industry. Also, working alongside many talented individuals and experienced leaders does provide much help when developing new skills and is quite motivating. Thank you for the opportunity.”

Andrew Lin – University of Virginia


“I would like to thank RIG Inc. for giving me this wonderful opportunity in exploring the field of Artificial Intelligence with Dynamic Trust as a Data Scientist Intern during the Fall Intern program. I enjoyed the experience as this helped me work and develop my technical skills in this field along with improving my leadership and communication skills. The constant guidance from Jay, Bryan, Emilia, and Nate helped us create a better prototype of our use case. Definitely, it was a fun and learning semester. Thanks to the RIG team!!”

Sindhu Ramaswamy – Northeastern University

Summer 2020

“Exceeded expectations again – The Fall Intern Team certainly outdid themselves! With a talented group of interns from 7 universities/colleges, spanning numerous research innovation projects the students worked effectively and efficiently as an integrated team across business and technology domains. The fall program included: rapid prototyping of PwA (from concept to demo) with our Dynamic Trust IP for mobile device management and IoT ecosystems, AI/ML simulations and visualizations as well as comprehensive business analytics projects across multiple addressable markets. The drive and diligence of the students was highly impressive and integrating the business and technical projects formulated complete stories across the program. One standout project was the use of Dynamic Trust to help Medical Insurance companies decide the insurance plans they provide for clinics in their network based on the Doctor Clinic Effectiveness in a healthcare ecosystem – excellent work! RIG Inc is very pleased to be able to support and provide meaningful internship experiences virtually for these highly talented young professionals especially during this pandemic crisis and beyond. Spring team the bar has been set!”

Jay Modi, Bryan Holasek & Emilia Jagura


“I would like to thank RIG for providing me with this wonderful opportunity, even in these pandemic times, from the initial on board to the end of the internship, they made it smooth and supported the interns immensely to achieve the deadlines. and most importantly I learnt a lot from this internship, All in all it was very nice to have worked here”

Shreyas Shanubhoganahalli Nagaraju – University of Buffalo


“As I reflect on my time as a Data Analyst Intern at Revolutionary Integration Group Inc, I feel grateful for the over-all experience and opportunity. I got the chance to interact with amazing people, network and learn. The continuous mentorship and support received by the leadership team helped make this a valuable learning experience. I look forward to taking the skills and best practices I have developed during this internship along the way as I maneuver through my career.”

Lyzanne Dsouza- Worcester Polytechnic Institute


“Working with RIG this summer was a fun and exciting experience. The process and procedures were very clear after being virtual due to pandemic.Through this experience I gained more than just knowledge, I gained hands on experience and learned new skills.”

Akshay Adlakha – University of Buffalo


“Over the past summer I was able to work on fascinating systems engineering projects regarding the application of artificial intelligence. My internship experience was unique, and gave me a multitude of technical and communication skills that will benefit me for the rest of my career.”

Nicholas Bourque – University of Buffalo


“I had a wonderful internship experience with RIG during this special pandemic period, and all guys are brilliant with tremendous great ideas, also thanks to our mentor and administrative team’s guidance and support!”

Leo Yao – Georgia Institute of Technology


“Working with RIG Inc. as an ‘AI/ML Architecture Intern’ was a fantastic experience for me. It gave me an opportunity to explore the field of Reinforcement Learning and understand how companies are adopting Artificial Intelligence. The best part was getting hands on experience in Reinforcement learning as Jay and Bryan allowed us to be as creative as we could with our projects. Also, presenting our project and communicating the results to industry experts and subject matter experts was a valuable experience for me.”

Akshaykumar Rao Racherla – University of Buffalo


“The summer internship experience I got was incredible and insightful. I got the chance to analyze and work on the components of different pieces of technology and there was always something refreshing to work on along the way.”

Wilson Wang – University of Connecticut


“I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to work as an intern for your company this summer. Not only did I get to learn about RIG, but I also learned more about AI and big data and their applications in the real world. I appreciate the feedback you provided throughout the internship with our weekly and monthly meetings. I was also excited to present to the advisory board.”

James Tsatsaros – Brown University