Trusted Authentication Token™

Trusted Authentication Token or TAT is a cutting-edge secure solution that authenticates documents. RIG’s TAT™ solution establishes validated trust in digital documents by detecting if a document was tampered with. With TAT, users can enjoy peace of mind knowing documents have not been altered during back and forth communications. Our technology offers features that are convenient, time-efficient, and cost-effective.


Dynamic Trust™

This revolutionary solution evaluates, validates and controls trust levels between Agents within heterogeneous networks. Our software addresses complexities involved with connections across AI networks and allows AI-empowered Agents to share data and collaborate efficiently and securely.


Product Roadmap


NIMBUS is a Private Integration Cloud (PIC) designed to support a heterogeneous multi-Agent architecture (view the architecture). It provides the digital backbone that supports the integration of legacy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled autonomous systems.