Dynamic Trust™

This revolutionary solution evaluates, validates and controls trust levels between Agents within heterogeneous networks. Our software addresses complexities involved with connections across AI networks and allows AI-empowered Agents to share data and collaborate efficiently and securely.


Product Roadmap


An environmentally hardened, highly customized microcomputer that allows the formation of a heterogeneous multi-Agent network.  Smart Tech provides a common integration solution that enables Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems to connect to our NIMBUS Private Integration Cloud™ to execute a mission or allow workflows.

SmartTech Plus™

This product is Smart Tech, with the addition of an advanced AI processor. Smart Tech Plus™ is intended to be conjoined with legacy autonomous technologies. This device, therefore, elevates the system functionality to performance levels of an AI-enabled autonomous system. This effectively empowers the legacy system(s) as desired.


NIMBUS is a Private Integration Cloud (PIC) designed to support a heterogeneous multi-Agent architecture (view the architecture). It provides the digital backbone that supports the integration of legacy and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled autonomous systems.