We offer a range of customizable AI integration services to fortify trust for your Enterprise, IoT and Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems.

Our team leverages decades of large scale platform integration experience, both for autonomous and semi- autonomous, spanning numerous industries (Aerospace, Space, Medical, Oil & Gas, and Alternative Energy).


  • Develop CONOPS
    • Integrated Autonomous Systems
    • Harsh Environment
    • Various Communication methods
  • Cost optimization plans for integrated architectures
  • Technology Investment strategy Risk Mitigation Planning Architecture and Design Planning
  • Integration Test Planning
  • System-level Design and Test Planning
  • Integrated Implementation Planning
  • Deployment plan
  • Logistic plan
  • Procurement Plan
  • Life-Cycle Plan (cradle to grave)


  • Advanced focused Research and Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Proof of Concept
  • Minimal Viable Product (MVP)
    • Cloud Based
    • On premise
  • Customized AI Dynamic Trust SaaS
  • Customized AI Engineering Services
  • Customized AI Trust Services
    • Enterprise
    • IoT



  • Risk monitoring and oversight of deployed AI Agent based systems
    • Enterprise
    • IoT
    • MDM
  • AI Cost Benefit Analysis (pre and or post procurement)
  • AI Network Monitoring
  • AI Performance
  • Management AI Fault
  • Management Network Disruption and Recovery
  • Priority Response and Root Cause Analysis

Work is performed consistent with ISO, NIST, and DoD standards. All services are tailored to meet customer needs and are delivered in customer formats.

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