By: Manas Pawar and Sri Lekhya Mikkilineni RIG Inc Intern Researchers


Artificial intelligence is essentially enabling a computer to think like a human. AI can be used in various fields such as sports or retail. A few years ago, one would not have imagined that AI would be incorporated into the sports industry. However, now AI is being used in various sports events with a range of applications from chatbots to computer vision. RIG’s Dynamic Trust can be implemented along with AI in the sports industry for a better overall user experience.

The use of artificial intelligence in the sports industry is going to increase in the coming years. This means that within the next few years, we will be witnessing tremendous changes in how we watch games. Our experience as a consumer will only become better because AI will help reduce the access time for news about any sporting event.

The sports event organizers have already started using AI to their advantage and brought in change to enhance the user experience. They have begun to use chatbots as virtual assistants to help answer fan queries regarding the games or other logistic questions that they might have. Sports organizers believe that by answering fan queries, they enhance user engagement, giving them a better overall experience which in turn will increase revenue opportunities. Here, Dynamic Trust can be used to filter the queries, messages, or posts to help fight against societal evils like racism or even usage of abusive words.

The sports industry is also using the help of devices to gather data which helps optimize the players’ training. The idea here is to maximize the efficiency of training to better the performance of the players. Data is recorded while training and can be used to compare with other players. Here training optimization becomes easier with the help of Dynamic Trust. Player’s training data is recorded and compared with performances; this will help the trainers to come up with an effective training plan to get better results.

Automated journalism is yet another application that was not possible until recently. Media outlets are essentially using AI to expand coverage of live sports events, which will eventually increase revenue earned. AI helps reduce operational cost and increase the revenue earned by the sports teams. AI helps enhance customer experience which will lead to an increase in revenue as number of users increase. Dynamic trust can help ensure that the news forecast is accurate and reliable.

Finally, the last application would be computer vision. Now researchers are working on deep learning neural networks to achieve accuracy, which cannot be attained through human eyes. The clarity through which events can be forecast will be improved through AI. Dynamic Trust and AI can be used in various sporting events like car racing, football, or even cricket to ensure no loss of frame and high quality pictures are taken. AI can capture more pictures than a human without compromising on quality and this means that there are no loss of frames and all the major happenings in an event are captured.

Currently, AI has been helping the sports industry in many ways as were stated above, and soon there will be more innovations to help better optimize the inner workings of the sports industry. Industry experts are talking about AI coaches as a possibility in the near future, this only means that we have not completely made use of AI in sports industry and that there are limitless opportunities for the future of AI!