Who We Are

Accelerated Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)2

Revolutionary Integration Group is the premier trusted AI integration Agent and logic provider for the industry. RIG’s trusted AI integration is a fusion of hardware and patented onboard software that provides groundbreaking AI trust from Agent to system to network to enterprise.

Company Mission

The enabler for AI Integration. Revolutionary Integration Group continuously leverages our talented workforce, our trusted AI integration, and digital integration logic, supported by our decades of engineering knowledge and know-how of system-of-systems to deliver optimal solutions to our customers, investors, and partners that are affordable, efficient and self-sustaining.

Company Vision

Revolutionary Integration Group provides the trusted and secure solution of integrated AI Agents for heterogeneous ecosystems.

Company Culture

A disruptive culture, innovative workforce, and solutions which are in lock-step with the evolution of technology, our customers and the market. We deliver efficient, affordable, and economic AI trusted integration from the Agent – to the system – to the network – to the enterprise. Trusted and secure AI Integration solution, affordability, scaleability, efficiency and resiliency are the pillars upon which RIG is founded. Our commitment to our customers is: trusted AI integration through our technology, our people and our passion.

RIG is wholly devoted to being the premier AI industrial integrator.