Who We Are

Accelerated Integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI)2

An Artificial Intelligence company building trust-based solutions who deploy and operate heterogeneous, cooperative multi-agent networks through an AI-based trust platform. RIG leverages our tech Dynamic Trust platform, Functional Validation and Machine Learning (patents in process).

Company Mission

Deliver a novel AI trust solution (Dynamic Trust & Trusted Authentication Token) to the global technology security community.

Company Vision

Revolutionary Integration Group provides the trusted and secure solution of integrated AI Agents for heterogeneous ecosystems.

Company Culture

A disruptive culture, innovative workforce, and solutions which are in lock-step with the evolution of technology, our customers and the market. We deliver efficient, affordable, and economic AI trusted integration from the Agent – to the system – to the network – to the enterprise. Trusted and secure AI Integration solution, affordability, scaleability, efficiency and resiliency are the pillars upon which RIG is founded. Our commitment to our customers is: trusted AI integration through our technology, our people and our passion.

RIG is wholly devoted to being the premier AI industrial integrator.